10 Days Until Our Action on June 28!

Mother’s Day Celebration!


Last Friday we celebrated Mother’s Day outside of Kitchens #330 and #157. We shared a letter from a driver in #157, Synia, about her experience with United Airlines and the future she wants for her young boys.


To read the letter in

English click here,

Spanish click here,

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or French click here.


For the celebration, we started off the day dancing!

and then we showed our support for working Moms who fight for Equality, Safety, and Respect.




To end our celebration of working Moms, we have a video message from Lakisha, who works in Food Production in #330.

Happy Mother’s Day to every working Mom at United Catering!
¡Sí Se Puede! Wi Nou Kapab! Yes We Can!


Political Solidarity in Trenton!

May Day in Newark!


On May 1, we celebrated the “National Day of Immigrants” outside of Kitchens #330 and #157, and we had a digital rally on Facebook, where many people around the country sent messages of support to our fight for Equality, Safety, and Respect.

First, a message from Sheeon who works in the Security Department.

Our final message of the day, from Sheeon in Newark!"United airlines catering workers are 95% immigrants and people of color. United treats us like second class workers compared to the rest of its employees." #UnitedDoesntCare

Posted by UNITE HERE! on Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Then, the AM crew also came in with a message!


United! Let Us Vote!

Posted by Ryan Nissim-Sabat on Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Over at Kitchen #157, everyone was outside enjoying the sunshine!


Posted by DaeDae SodaPop Heartlessg on Tuesday, May 1, 2018


The afternoon crew finished the day strong!



and while we were celebrating, allies from all over the country were posting on our digital rally, click here to view all the pictures and messages of support. 




We had an awesome day where people all over the country supported us! We celebrated the diversity in our kitchens, which is a part of what makes us so powerful. If we stand together, we will win!

¡Si Se Puede! Wi Nou Kapab! Yes We Can!

Taking Action in All Five Cities!












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Denver United Catering Workers Get the Spotlight!

Recently, 3 new news articles on the fight for Equality, Safety and Respect at United Airlines has featured the organizing at Denver International Airport. Workers in the kitchens are determined to win, especially for their families and community. Click the headings or the pictures to read articles from the Aurora Sentinel, 5280, and Westword.

1. Micronesian United Airlines workers at DIA lead an increasingly blustery union battle.

“A lot of my people work here, too. And we have no voice. So I decided to (push for a union) because at first I wanted to stand on my own and take care of my people, but at the same time I was thinking I’m not strong enough to do it, I don’t have enough support,” Renuk said. “But when the union kicked in, I figured this is the right time.”

– Aurora Sentinel 4/11/18

2. DIA Kitchen Workers Accuse United Airlines of Intimidation, Unfair Work Conditions

Despite their fear, the catering workers are pressing on. Many of the workers are wearing red “Equality” lanyards and red armbands, a visible signal to management that they want to organize. On one hand, workers like Takashy and Jacklick want a better work environment for themselves. “I don’t think we have any voice [at work],” Takashy says. Both he and Jacklick say United management displays a lack of respect for the immigrant workers and that they’re often spoken to like children. “[The managers] think that we’re nobody here,” Jacklick says. “We’re really fighting for our equality.”

– 5280 4/12/2018

3. United Fighting Local Catering Workers, Many From Pacific Islands, Over Unionizing

Jacob looks forward to a day when she can afford a $200 dental visit for her son. And she and Sangau still hope to be able to fly thousands of miles to the Pacific Islands once a year using standby flight benefits to see close family members back home. “Winning this union will be a big difference for us,” Jacob says.

– Westword 4/13/2018

5 U.S. Senators Call on United Airlines to Respect Catering Workers’ Decision to Organize with UNITE HERE

Washington – Five members of the U.S. Senate Commerce committee, which has oversight of the U.S. airline industry, have written to United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz to express concern regarding reports of United Airlines management’s interference with their catering workers’ efforts to organize a union.

The letter, signed by Senators Catherine Cortez Masto, Brian Schatz, Edward J. Markey, Richard Blumenthal, and Tom Udall, states:

“United Airlines’ 2,700 catering workers, who are overwhelmingly immigrants and people of color, make as little as $9.75 an hour. They are the only major group of direct non-managerial employees at United Airlines without a union. On January 24, 2018, motivated by the successes of other United Airlines unions, over 75% of these catering workers filed for a union election with the National Mediation Board.

We are aware of allegations that United Airlines managers have intimidated, questioned, and retaliated against workers engaged in protected union activities at the workplace.”

The letter comes on the heels of over 50 federal, state and municipal elected officials sending letters in January calling on United Airlines (NYSE:UAL) to respect their catering workers’ decision to unionize and treat them equal to United’s other employees. All four unions representing United’s 75,000 unionized workers and national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka have also stepped in to tell United to refrain from interfering in the catering workers’ union election.

Despite United Airlines’ anti-union campaign, workers are standing strong, and enthusiasm continues with hundreds wearing UNITE HERE lanyards and badge holders at work. Workers are now waiting for the National Mediation Board to schedule an election date.

Contact Adam Yalowitz, 202-826-4086, [email protected]

Political Solidarity in Newark 2

Solidaridad de las Uniones de United

Political Solidarity in Newark